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Federal Criminal Lawyer Defending Charges of Fraud, Laundering, Forgery, and More

Prosecutors across the State of Texas are becoming more and more aggressive in indicting white collar offenses. Cases that were formerly handled in the civil courts are increasingly being prosecuted as felony offenses. The federal authorities (including the F.B.I., Secret Service, the A.T.F. and the D.E.A.) are also cracking down on financial crimes across the board.

Many people accused of white collar crimes have assets, businesses and social reputations to protect. That’s why The Law Offices of Sam H. Lock delivers high-quality criminal defense designed to safeguard your social standing as well as your personal and financial security. Attorney Sam Lock fully understands the delicate nature of white collar criminal cases and will work relentlessly to defend his Central and South Texas clients against state and federal charges of:

  1. Embezzlement
  2. Extortion
  3. Bank Fraud
  4. Mortgage Fraud
  5. Internet/Computer Fraud
  6. Honest Services Fraud
  7. Kickback Schemes
  8. Bribery
  9. Conspiracy
  10. Money Laundering
  11. Racketeering
  12. Insurance Fraud (Medicare, Health, etc.)
  13. Wire fraud
  14. Securities and Tax Fraud
  15. Mail Fraud
  16. Counterfeiting
  17. Forgery and more

The moment you are suspected of or charged with a crime, your entire career and everything you’ve worked for is at stake. Sam Lock will work swiftly and thoroughly to strategize an intelligent and comprehensive defense for your case. The ultimate goal is to return a “Not Guilty” verdict, not to plea bargain for lesser punishments that could still ruin everything you’ve worked to hard to achieve.

At The Law Offices of Sam H. Lock, proving your innocence is the priority. He works with clients in various cities, including San Antonio, Austin, Del Rio, El Paso, Midland, Pecos and Waco. You can reach the San Antonio office at 210-226-0965.

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