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Representing Those Charged with Traffic Offenses in Bexar County and South Central Texas

Traffic violations in the state of Texas can range from speeding tickets to alcohol related violations, and any citation should be taken seriously. Even a simple ticket for running a stop sign is considered a criminal offense. The Law Offices of Sam H. Lock is ready to come to your defense to protect you from consequences stemming from any type of traffic violation, including:

  1. Driving Without a License
  2. Driving With a Suspended License
  3. Driving Without Proof of Insurance
  4. Running Red Lights or Other Traffic Signals
  5. Passing a Stopped School Bus
  6. Commercial Drivers License (CDL) Citations
  7. And more

Why Do I Need a Lawyer?

Even seemingly mundane traffic violations can have real legal ramifications if you don’t have a prepared attorney on your side. You can have your license suspended simply for having too many parking tickets or for just one really serious violation. If you don’t show up to traffic court, your license can also be suspended. Sure, you can go to court by yourself, but if you are convicted, you can face large fines, license suspension or revocation and points added to your license. As a result, you will likely also face much higher car insurance rates. That’s why it pays to handle traffic violations through an attorney who can move quickly to rectify the situation.

The Law Offices of Sam H. Lock provides clients with superior representation in traffic violation cases in Central and South Texas. Clients come from San Antonio, Austin, Del Rio, El Paso, Midland, Pecos and Waco to work with attorney Sam Lock because he is respected in the legal community as a client advocate who doesn’t give up easily.

Call the Law Offices of Sam H. Lock today to set up an appointment. You can reach the San Antonio office at 210-226-0965.

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