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TX defense lawyerFacing federal criminal charges can be a very overwhelming and intimidating experience for anyone involved in the legal system. These charges differ significantly from state-level or local offenses due to the jurisdiction and the severity of the consequences involved. Today, we will explore what it actually means to face federal criminal charges – from the initial investigation to potential outcomes – providing you with a comprehensive overview. For legal assistance in this very serious matter, contact a criminal defense attorney to protect yourself legally against the very serious charges you now face.

Understanding Federal Law Jurisdiction

The first crucial aspect to understand is that federal crimes are those that violate U.S. federal laws. They cover a wide range of offenses, such as drug trafficking, immigration violations, white-collar crimes, organized crime, terrorism, and more. The engaging factor in these cases is that federal agencies, such as the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) or the Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA), often handle federal investigations and are the ones who ultimately bring charges.

Federal Investigations

Before federal charges can be filed, a thorough investigation by federal law enforcement agencies usually takes place. This can involve collecting evidence, interviewing witnesses, conducting surveillance, and applying other investigatory techniques. Federal investigations often span months or even years due to their complexity and the many moving parts in play.


TX defense lawyerGun trafficking or smuggling is a federal criminal offense that involves buying and selling firearms through illegal channels. Such activities are considered grave offenses in Texas and thus qualify as federal gun crimes under the law. Gun trafficking ultimately contributes to gun violence in communities, often leaving a wake of devastation in towns across Texas. Individuals convicted of gun trafficking may face significant prison sentences, leading to federal investigations that often lead to additional charges. If you have been charged with gun trafficking, you need a criminal defense attorney not afraid to help you fight these heavyweight charges.

Gun Trafficking in Texas

The FBI and ATF have primary responsibility for identifying and shutting down illegal gun trafficking networks. Federal law defines gun trafficking as a profit-based offense or business. Usually, gun trafficking leads to increased crime since, through such trafficking, guns end up in the hands of people who should not have access to weapons. It is widely believed that gun trafficking is an accelerant to violent crime, including gang-related criminal activity.

Penalties for Gun Trafficking

Generally, gun trafficking in Texas constitutes a third-degree felony, potentially levying a prison sentence of between two and ten years. In cases where an offender attempts to traffic more than three guns at once, this will escalate the charge to a second-degree felony, increasing the possible prison sentence to up to 20 years, including a fine of $10,000.


TX defense lawyerBank fraud is one of the most serious white-collar crimes, covering various criminal activities against banks or other financial institutions. If you are facing bank fraud charges, you may be overwhelmed with what you should do to remedy this situation. While there is no snap-of-the-finger solution to rid you of your legal troubles, contacting a criminal defense lawyer can significantly benefit you and your case as you fight to defeat these severe charges.

Here is What to Know About Bank Fraud

Bank fraud typically entails an individual or company attempting to commit fraud against a bank through false statements or illegally obtaining money from the bank. This type of fraud is a serious crime and, if found guilty, can land someone in prison for extended periods of time while also imposing steep fines on the convicted party.

It is essential to understand that bank fraud can occur in various ways through the assistance of bank insiders in positions of trust, such as bank managers or employees. It can include a senior manager providing false information about the company's finances to secure bank loans, handling money from a bank transaction deceitfully, misrepresenting information crucial to banking, making false promises and pledges of assurance in obtaining loans or extending credit, and diverting bank funds secretly into your personal bank account. These examples are typical forms of bank fraud, and all could result in severe consequences if discovered.


TX defense lawyerIn Texas, manslaughter is a very serious second-degree felony offense that carries with it severe penalties and the possibility of a lengthy jail term. If you have been charged with manslaughter, it is essential you understand the severity of the situation. It is strongly recommended that you contact a criminal defense attorney, as this may be your only hope of fighting these charges and pursuing a favorable outcome in your case. Criminal defense attorneys are well-equipped with the knowledge necessary to build a legal defense against violent crimes like manslaughter.

What to Know About Manslaughter in Texas

Manslaughter is defined in Texas as recklessly causing the death of another person. As stated at the outset, manslaughter is prosecuted as a second-degree felony, which can result in a prison term of between two and 20 years. However, if found guilty, the sentence you may receive will depend on several factors, most importantly, the circumstances surrounding the incident.

How Your Attorney Can Help You Fight the Charges

Aside from building a legal defense strategy, your attorney needs to be an excellent negotiator, as they may be able to negotiate a deal with prosecutors to reduce the charges to something less than a second-degree felony. Regarding your defense strategy, the strategy you and your lawyer choose will depend on the particulars of the case. Considerations may include:


TX defense lawyerIn its severest form, Texas law defines simple assault as an act where someone intentionally or knowingly causes bodily injury to another individual. In Texas, the most severe simple assault charge is that which results in the bodily injury of the sufferer as a Class A misdemeanor offense, carrying up to one year of jail time and fines reaching $4,000. A conviction of this offense can have many adverse consequences, including damaging your reputation, affecting your future job prospects, and alienating or losing close personal friends. However, with effective criminal legal representation, you can give yourself a chance to fight the charges and pursue a favorable case outcome.

Considerations for a Simple Assault Charge

Picture this: you are in a bar with friends when suddenly, you hear a bar patron berating your friend over the color shirt they are wearing. Upset, you spin around, and will all your might; you aggressively shove the person, only for them to fall flat on their back and hit their head on a bar stool. As the bar patron lies bleeding on the floor, writhing in pain, the police are called, and you are arrested for simple assault.

Sitting in a jail cell, you begin frantically thinking about what to do. The time after being arrested can be a time of frantic panic and worry. The first thing you should do in this situation is to call a criminal defense attorney. This is a crucial first step, as you certainly do not want to represent yourself in a criminal matter. Your attorney will work with you to understand the circumstances surrounding your case and whether you acted recklessly or provocatively, which resulted in the bodily injury of another. At this time, being completely honest with your attorney will be essential, as lying will only hurt yourself and your case.



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