What Are Some of the Most Common Internet Sex Crimes?

 Posted on April 24,2023 in Criminal Law

TX defense lawyerThe internet has revolutionized the way we communicate, work, and live. Unfortunately, it has also opened up new avenues for criminal activity and forms of sexual misconduct, abuse, and exploitation. If you have been charged with committing an internet sex crime, you must obtain legal counsel from a knowledgeable criminal defense attorney. This will ensure your rights remain protected and that you can fight the charges against you to try and secure a positive outcome in your case.

Typical Sex Crimes Committed on the Internet

The following are some of the most common internet sex crimes, including:

  • Online solicitation of a minor – This refers to using the internet to contact a minor intending to engage in sexual activity. This may include sending sexually explicit messages, images, or videos. This is a severe offense that carries serious penalties.
  • Possession or distribution of child pornography – This refers to the act of obtaining or sharing sexually explicit images or videos of minors. This includes all forms of media, including photos, videos, and audio recordings.
  • Revenge porn – Revenge porn, also known as non-consensual pornography, is sharing sexually explicit images or videos of someone without their consent. This can be done to humiliate, intimidate, or blackmail someone.
  • Online sexual harassment – This is using the internet to harass or intimidate someone sexually. This can include sending unwanted sexual messages or images, making sexually explicit comments on social media, or creating fake profiles to harass someone.
  • Sextortion – Sextortion is using sexually explicit images or videos to extort money or other favors from the sufferer of the sextortion. This can include threatening to share the pictures or videos with the sufferer of the sextortion to their family, friends, or employer.
  • Sexual grooming – This is the act of using the internet to build a relationship with a minor intending to engage in sexual activity. This can include befriending the child on social media, sending them gifts or money, or engaging in sexually explicit conversations.

Contact a San Antonio Criminal Defense Attorney

These crimes have serious consequences, including financial penalties, prison time, and a criminal record. It is, therefore, imperative that if you have been charged with an internet sex crime, you retain a criminal defense attorney as soon as possible to begin building your defense and hopefully working toward your legal exoneration. Contact the experienced San Antonio criminal defense lawyer with Law Offices of Sam H. Lock for more information. Call 210-226-0965 for a

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