Understanding Compassionate Release for Federal Prisoners in Texas

 Posted on August 10,2023 in Criminal Law

TX defense lawyerCompassionate release is a program in Texas that allows federal prisoners to be released from prison before completing their full sentence. Today, we will explain the basis of compassionate release and what you need to know about the program. If you have a loved one you believe may qualify for compassionate release, contact a federal criminal defense lawyer to begin the process of pursuing the release of your loved one.

What is Compassionate Release?

Compassionate release, also known as early release, is a program that allows eligible federal prisoners in Texas to leave prison before their sentence ends. This is intended to help prisoners dealing with exceptional and unexpected circumstances.

 Who is Eligible for Compassionate Release?

To be eligible for compassionate release, federal prisoners in Texas must show that an extraordinary circumstance has arisen, such as terminal illness, significant health problems, inmates of advanced age who have served the majority of their sentence, or unforeseen family-related issues that require the federal inmate to leave prison to care for an incapacitated family member. 

 Please be aware that the health condition experienced by the federal prisoner must be severe. For example, suppose a prisoner is confined to a bed or chair for more than 50 percent of the time due to their condition and cannot care for themselves. In that case, they may qualify for compassionate release. Furthermore, cognitive disabilities may be eligible, like dementia or individuals with brain trauma resulting in reduced mental capacity. 

The Application Process

Federal prisoners seeking compassionate release must file a request with the Federal Board of Prisons (BOP) as well as the sentencing courts. In situations where the request is rejected by the BOP and administrative appeals have been made, the prisoners can file directly to the sentencing court.

The Importance of Legal Assistance 

Navigating the compassionate release program can seem like an impossible task. That is why federal prisoners or their loved ones interested in pursuing the program must seek legal help. By securing legal assistance, seeking a compassionate release becomes significantly more manageable. That said, just because you think you are eligible does not mean your request will automatically be granted. However, hiring legal assistance goes a long way toward making your goal a reality. 

Contact a San Antonio, TX Federal Criminal Defense Lawyer 

Compassionate release is an excellent program for federal prisoners seeking a chance at early release. Contact the San Antonio, TX federal criminal defense attorney with Law Offices of Sam H. Lock for essential legal assistance. Call 210-226-0965 for a 


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