Texas House Bill 2622 Expands Gun Rights 

 Posted on August 27,2021 in Criminal Law

san antonio criminal defense lawyerStarting next month, Texas will enact a number of new gun laws as they join a growing list of states and localities that are calling themselves “Second Amendment sanctuaries.” While the legislation is largely symbolic, it does limit the reach of federal gun laws in the state of Texas. 

State Rep. Justin Holland filed House Bill 2622, the Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act, in March with the intention of protecting Texans’ gun rights from the federal government, which he called “out-of-touch” on the issue. The measure passed committee votes in both chambers with a majority. 

Texas Gov. Greg Abbott applauded the legislation as he signed it in June alongside seven other gun bills. He explained the goal was to build a “barrier around gun rights.” 

New Gun Laws in Texas

The Second Amendment Sanctuary State Act will prevent the enforcement of any federal gun law passed after Sept. 1, 2021, that restricts the possession or ownership of firearms, gun accessories, or ammunition. In turn, it also prohibits state agencies from enforcing or assisting in the enforcement of new federal gun laws. 

The remaining six bills largely complement HB 2622 as they either expand individual gun rights or prevents discrimination against anyone choosing to exercise his or her gun rights. These include: 

  • SB 19 prohibits the state government from conducting business with a company that discriminates against gun and ammo businesses or organizations. 

  • SB 20 allows you to store a firearm in a hotel room. 

  • SB 550 removes carry requirements, meaning you can carry a gun in whatever kind of holster you want. 

  • HB 957 deregulates the ownership of silencers (or suppressors) from federal law, meaning you can buy a silencer without completing the federal process. However, the item must have been manufactured and sold in Texas. It must also remain in Texas. 

  • HB 1500 prevents the government from prohibiting gun sales or the transportation of a gun or ammo during a declared disaster or emergency situation. 

  • HB 1927 makes Texas a Constitutional Carry state, meaning you don’t need a license or training to carry a firearm open or concealed. 

All these measures become Texas law starting Sept. 1, 2021. 

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