I Was Stopped for a Blown Taillight but Wound Up in Jail. How Can This Be?

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San Antonio criminal defense lawyerThere is nothing that can ruin your day quite like being pulled over for a traffic stop and then being taken into police custody. That may sound like a far-off scenario that rarely, if ever, happens, but you would be surprised. There are many ways a routine traffic stop can lead to you spending the night or longer behind bars. Remember that the reason you get arrested may have nothing to do with the reason you were initially pulled over in the first place. 

This blog will look at common reasons why traffic stops may escalate into an arrest. If something like this has happened to you, consider contacting a skilled criminal defense attorney who will fight to protect your rights and freedom. 

In What Situations Can a Traffic Stop Turn into An Arrest?

When an officer pulls someone over for a routine traffic stop, it is essential to avoid verbalizing anything that a police officer may find offensive, unusual, or incriminating. Police officers are often on alert to find a reason to suspect you of wrongdoing.

Reasons that routine traffic stops escalate into an arrest include the following: 

  • Intoxication – If you get pulled over for a blown taillight, and upon approaching the car and you rolling down your window, the police officer smells alcohol or even marijuana on your breath, the situation can and likely will quickly escalate rapidly. What began as a routine traffic stop can quickly turn into a charge of DWI or DUI
  • License issues – If you are pulled over and happen to be driving with a revoked or suspended license, this too may lead to an arrest. In these situations, pleading ignorance, like saying, "I had no idea my license was suspended" or, "I thought I paid that parking ticket," is unlikely to change the police officers' mind on whether to arrest you.
  • Weapons or drugs – If the police decide to search your car and find weapons or drugs, this will likely lead to an arrest. 
  • Reckless driving – If you are operating your vehicle in such a way that shows a disregard for the safety of others, this may lead to an arrest. Reckless driving can involve speeding, running through red lights or stop signs, performing dangerous lane-changing maneuvers, road racing, and more. 

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