How Serious Are Federal Gun Crime Charges?

 Posted on September 22,2023 in Criminal Law

TX defense lawyerGun crimes are a significant concern in the United States, prompting discussions about the jurisdiction and enforcement of firearms-related offenses. While many gun crimes are prosecuted at the state level, federal law also plays a crucial role in addressing and prosecuting federal gun crimes. If you are facing federal gun charges, your freedom may be at stake, as a federal gun crime conviction can lead to devastating personal and professional consequences. Contact a lawyer with experience in defending clients against federal gun charges. While a positive outcome cannot be guaranteed, hiring a lawyer is your best chance at obtaining a favorable case outcome. 

Federal Firearm Laws

The United States criminal code features several federal laws regulating firearms and their possession, sale, and use. These laws are designated to complement existing Texas laws and address specific issues that extend beyond state boundaries, making federal involvement necessary.

Types of Federal Gun Crimes

Federal crimes frequently fall into two categories: those involving violations of federal firearms laws and those involving using firearms in connection with other federal offenses. Federal firearm laws regulate various aspects of firearm possession, sale, and transfer across state lines. Some examples of federal gun crimes include:

  • Illegal possession – Possessing a firearm as a convicted felon, certain drug users, or someone subject to certain domestic violence restraining orders can be a federal offense.
  • Straw purchases – Acting as a “straw purchaser” to buy firearms on behalf of someone prohibited from owning them violates federal law.
  • Trafficking – Illegally transporting or selling firearms across state lines or engaging in selling guns without a federal license is a federal offense.
  • Use of firearms in connection with other federal crimes – Federal law also addresses situations where guns are used in conjunction with other federal crimes, such as drug trafficking, robbery, or acts of violence. These crimes often carry additional penalties if a firearm is involved.

Federal Jurisdiction in Gun Crimes

This form of jurisdiction can be established in a few ways, including:

  • Interstate commerce clause – The federal government has the authority to regulate firearms that have traveled in interstate commerce. This allows federal jurisdiction to be invoked in cases involving firearms manufactured in one state and later transported to another.
  • Federal facilities and property – Gun crimes committed on federal property, such as federal courthouses, national parks, or military bases, fall under federal jurisdiction.
  • Involvement of federal agencies – Crimes that involve agencies such as the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives (ATF) can be prosecuted federally.

Contact a San Antonio, Texas Federal Gun Crimes Attorney

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