How a Lawyer Can Help You Face Your DWI Charge in Texas

 Posted on November 09, 2023 in DWI / DUI

Texas DWI Lawyer

Being arrested for DWI in Texas is scary. A DWI conviction can disrupt your life with jail time, license suspension, fines, and a criminal record. Working with a Texas lawyer is the best way to navigate the charges and achieve the most favorable outcome. Here is how a lawyer can help you face your DWI charge in Texas:

Reviewing the Evidence

After an arrest, an attorney will order evidence like the police report, breath or blood test results, and dash and body cam footage. Thoroughly examining the evidence is key to building a strong defense, attacking any weak points or procedural mistakes by officers.

Assessing the Charges

Texas has related DWI charges ranging from misdemeanor DWI to felony DWI 3rd, DWI with child passenger, DWI with serious bodily injury or death, or other similar charges. An attorney will analyze the specifics of your charges and any enhancements to advise on potential penalties and defensive strategies. They can easily spot a gap and see if it could benefit your case.

Guiding You Through the Process

The legal process after a DWI arrest can be complex, navigating arraignments, pre-trial motions hearings, plea bargains, trial, sentencing, probation terms, and license suspension procedures. A lawyer helps guide you through each phase appropriately, protecting your rights.

Exploring Plea Bargain Options

An experienced DWI lawyer thoroughly negotiates with the prosecution, weighing options like reduced charges, probation recommendations, dismissal of enhancements, and similar charges. They determine if a plea deal makes sense versus taking your case to trial.

Defending You at Trial

Your lawyer will meticulously prepare for trial if no acceptable plea offer is available. This involves readying evidentiary challenges, lining up expert witnesses, developing your testimony, jury selection strategies, and crafting opening and closing arguments. A lawyer can make the difference at trial.

Ensuring Proper Sentencing

Even after conviction, a lawyer advocates at your sentencing hearing for minimized jail time, probation length, fine amount, license suspension period, education and treatment requirements, and other sentencing terms.

Contact a San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Facing DWI charges in Texas is difficult. Working with a San Antonio, TX criminal defense lawyer can help by providing you with the most vigorous defense. With proper legal guidance, you can move past this challenge with your rights protected. Call Law Offices of Sam H. Lock at 210-226-0965 to start the process and make sure you are taking the right steps.

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