DWI Information for Texans This Halloween

 Posted on October 31, 2022 in DWI / DUI

"SanIt is well-known that DWI arrests tend to increase around any major holiday. When people are in a festive mood and out celebrating, they tend to drink more. Halloween is one of the more casual holidays, and for many, one of the most fun. Most adults only have a reason to dress up in a costume once each year and strive to make the most of their Halloween festivities. Unfortunately, nothing brings an abrupt end to a celebration like a DWI arrest. While you would be far from alone, the consequences of a DWI can be harsh. Texas is not known for light sentencing. Even as a first and only offense, a DWI can leave a mark on your record that closes doors.

If you are one of the hundreds who will be arrested for drunk driving this Halloween, it is important to take the matter very seriously and make finding a good criminal defense attorney a top priority. A DWI conviction could follow you for a lifetime like a haunting you cannot get rid of. 

Alarming Statistics About Drunk Driving Accidents on Halloween

Drunk driving can have serious penalties in Texas. Not only could you face jail time, but you are very likely to lose your driver’s license for some time. You may also face difficult collateral consequences, such as difficulty finding a job after a potential employer runs a background check. If you are accused of a DWI, it is important to fight back with help from an attorney. 

One of the more concerning things about Halloween and drunk driving is the likelihood of causing an accident. Halloween is particularly dangerous, and federal estimates place the number of Halloween drunk driving-related deaths at about 25 per year. Some years are worse than others, however, as 2020 saw 56 fatalities nationwide on Halloween night. Sadly, children who are out trick-or-treating are at a high level of risk from drunk drivers who lack the reflexes to avoid a child who is running about. 

If you cause an accident and injure or kill someone while intoxicated, you will almost certainly be charged with a felony. DWIs with injuries or fatalities are generally the most serious form of DWI charges. Those who are convicted of these crimes often face years-long prison sentences. 

The best thing to do is to have a designated driver or to take public transportation. If it is too late for that, an attorney may still be able to have your charges dismissed or reduced. 

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