Common Mistakes After a DWI Charge in Texas

 Posted on December 15, 2023 in DWI / DUI

Blog ImageA drunk driving arrest can cause some people to have quick reactions they later regret. But certain choices further jeopardize your case. Avoid these common errors in judgment following driving while intoxicated (DWI) charges to give your defense the greatest advantage. A Texas defense attorney can help along the way.

Immediately Pleading Guilty

Feeling ashamed, many defendants plead guilty at arraignment to end the nightmare. However, the quick confession means you will no longer have any bargaining leverage. The chance to build an aggressive defense to get charges dropped or reduced will no longer exist. It is best to remain calm and work alongside a lawyer to work on strategic options. While there is no guarantee, having legal representation is worth seeing what may be possible.

Failing to Exercise the Right to an Attorney

It is too easy to damage your cases by declining legal help. However, a DWI attorney knows how to exploit technical errors, gather crucial evidence, negotiate with prosecutors, and design defense strategies specifically catered to your situation. It is in your best interest not to go up against this case alone.

Making Public Statements About the Case

Understand anything said related to the arrest can and will be used against you. Once charged, limit public statements to trusted confidants only. Even seemingly benign conversations can inadvertently lead to legal strategy and be turned against you. Say nothing public or online regarding your case or defense without your lawyer’s approval. Even if it seems like an innocent conversation, it is best not to say anything except during meetings with your attorney.

Mishandling Your Legal Strategy and Defense

Launching your own “investigation” rarely provides useful evidence, risks information getting out accidentally, and possibly compounds charges. Support your attorney’s wishes, but refrain from independently “digging for dirt” or fact-finding without their oversight. Trust their legal strategy for the DWI charge.

Contact a San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

Get an attorney working in your corner immediately after a DWI arrest, then communicate fully to build the best possible defense strategy. It may seem “easier,” and you may just want the entire situation to go away quickly, but taking the time to build a solid case with a San Antonio, TX criminal defense lawyer can potentially get you a better outcome. Call Law Offices of Sam H. Lock at 210-226-0965 so you can know what the next step to take is.

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