Texas traffic violations lawyerAll traffic violations in the state of Texas have the possibility of causing major headaches for drivers, and your trouble can literally double for speeding and other violations in a construction zone. To protect construction workers and prevent costly and dangerous accidents, traffic fines double in construction zones and other maintenance areas. Here is some basic information on construction zone traffic laws.

Rules to Follow Construction Zones in Texas

Given the challenges of driving through a construction zone, including narrow lanes, changing traffic patterns, heavy equipment, and the presence of construction workers, speed limits for all vehicles are reduced. The temporary speed limit signs for construction zones should be followed throughout the zone, even when workers, equipment, or construction markings like barrels are not present. It is only safe to resume the normal speed limit once signs clearly show you are allowed to do so.

Under Texas’s Move Over/Slow Down law drivers are required to move over one lane and slow their vehicle’s speed by 20 miles per hour below the posted legal speed limit for any police, fire, and emergency vehicles. The law now also includes utility service vehicles, TxDOT vehicles, and any other construction or maintenance vehicles with flashing lights, which are commonly found in construction zones. This includes vehicles in the roadway or on the shoulder. To follow the Move Over/Slow Down law in construction zones, you must further reduce your speed and move over if there is an additional lane.


b2ap3_thumbnail_truck-driver-cdl-traffic-violations.jpgIf you make a living driving the roads and highways of Texas, you know how valuable your Commercial Driver License (CDL) is to your profession. Losing the ability to drive to a traffic violation or multiple violations would mean a significant loss of income and possibly lead to the loss of your job. If you are accused of any of the following violations, it is important that you contact a defense attorney who is knowledgeable about the ramifications and will fight for your ability to keep driving. 

Top CDL Convictions That Lead to a Disqualification

Here is a quick recap of some of the common ways in which your CDL might be suspended or revoked:

  • Driving while intoxicated - If you are convicted of a DWI, your CDL may be suspended for at least one year. If you were driving a hazardous materials vehicle, the suspension would be at least three years. A second offense would lead to a lifetime disqualification. 
  • Leaving the scene of an accident - The same punishments are enforced as a DWI. A first conviction means a one-year suspension, a three year suspension with a hazardous materials vehicle, and a lifetime disqualification for the second conviction. 
  • Serious traffic offenses - If you are convicted of two serious traffic offenses within three years, your CDL will be suspended for 60 days. Serious violations can include but are not limited to excessive speeding, improper or erratic land changes, reckless driving, and following other vehicles too closely. Three serious offenses within a three-year period will result in a 120-day CDL suspension. 
  • Railroad crossing violation - If you go around railroad gates when they are down or commit any other violation at a railroad-highway grade crossing, you face a 60-day CDL suspension for the first offense. A second offense within three years means a 120-day suspension, while a third offense within three years results in at least a one-year CDL disqualification. 
  • Vehicle is used in the commission of a felony - If you are convicted of using your commercial vehicle in the commission of a felony, you face at least a one-year CDL disqualification and will face a lifetime ban for a second offense. If the first felony involved the manufacture or distribution of a controlled substance you immediately face a lifetime disqualification from holding a CDL.

Contact a San Antonio CDL Violations Attorney

If you have a Commercial Driver License and have been accused of one of the violations above or any other type of moving violation, you need an attorney who will be your advocate and provide you with superior representation. Contact the San Antonio traffic violation lawyers at Law Offices of Sam H. Lock today. We will fight for you and your livelihood. Call us at 210-226-0965 for a free consultation. 


Deep in the Heart of Texas: Farther Up the Road With an Open Container of Alcohol Can Cause You HeartacheThe phone rings, it is three o’clock in the morning and your friend needs your help. After a night out on the Texas town your friend has come to the realization that they are too intoxicated to drive. Satisfied with your friend’s decision of not enlisting in the ranks with the reported 2.1% of Texans who have admitted to driving while having too much to drink, you are only happy to help. Clearly beyond the legal limit of a .08 blood alcohol concentration (BAC) and not another soul in sight they surely made the smart decision of contacting you for help but there is one thing that could easily undo this good deed, your friend jumped in your car with an open container of alcohol.

Thankful you were available to help and save your friend from an almost certain driving while under the influence (DWI) charge or worse yet, an accident, not much thought has been given to the open beer as you continue the drive to his house.

As yet another beer can cracks open your attention quickly diverts to the Texas State Police cruiser behind you and in an instant, the lights begin signaling you to pull over. No worries you think as you remember that your passenger tail light has burnt out and you have yet to repair it. Perhaps a warning and perhaps even a bit of authoritative praise for your journey of good will toward you intoxicated friend.


San Antonio traffic violation lawyerTexas, with its vast landscape measuring 268,581 square miles, has often been associated with maxim that “everything is bigger in Texas.” The Lone Star State, however, is also known for its commitment to law enforcement and has been ranked as one of the top five states for traffic violations, tickets issued, and revenue collected.

With over 13,498,071 registered drivers, it is estimated that the Texas Highway Patrol collects  $200,000 per year, per officer due to ticketing for both major and minor traffic violations. The most common type of minor and major traffic violations and ticket prices include:

Minor Traffic Violation Fines


traffic violations, San Antonio traffic ticket lawyerNearly everyone has experienced some type of traffic violation at least once in their lifetime. Something as simple as a parking ticket can prove to be a nuisance and a financial burden, but it is typically the more serious traffic violations that lead to driving record convictions and hearings—and that can mean trouble for your wallet and your driving record.

I Received a Ticket. Now What?

Whatever the reason for your traffic violation, you will need to decide how and when to take action once you have received a ticket in order to prevent further penalties imposed by the state. Your options are dependent upon the type of citation you have been issued.



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