Can You Get Your License Back After Losing It for a DWI?

 Posted on November 21,2023 in DWI / DUI

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Having your driver’s license suspended after a DWI charge can greatly disrupt your life. It can take a toll, especially when you have to travel to work, school, or other important places. Many wonder if and when they may be able to restore their driving privileges in Texas after an alcohol-related administrative license revocation. You have a right to know about reinstating your license, even if you have a DWI charge. A Texas lawyer can help you understand your rights.

Mandatory License Suspension Periods

The Texas Department of Public Safety will automatically suspend the license of any driver who:

  • Refuses a breathalyzer test after being lawfully stopped for DWI. The suspension is 180 days
  • Fails a breath or blood test with a blood alcohol concentration of 0.08% or higher. The suspension is 90 days if this is your first offense
  • You cannot drive at all during the mandatory suspension period. These are civil administrative penalties, separate from any criminal charges

Reinstatement Requirements

To regain your license after the minimum suspension, you must:

  • Pay a $125 reinstatement fee
  • Submit proof of completing an alcohol education program and evaluation
  • Provide proof of financial responsibility (typically special DWI insurance)
  • Pay or make arrangements for any other outstanding tickets, fines, or surcharges

Completing these steps lets you legally drive again if your criminal case is resolved or does not involve additional license restrictions.

Probation Requirements

If convicted of DWI, the court may place you on probation with additional requirements prior to reinstatement. This often includes completing community service hours, attending more counseling, installing an ignition interlock device, and other terms.

Occupational Licenses

Those who drive for work (truckers, delivery drivers, etc.) must also undergo a hearings process to reinstate any occupational license. This requires proof you can safely operate vehicles, such as an alcohol assessment.

Waiting Out Longer Suspensions

For repeat DWIs, your license may be revoked for 1-2 years or indefinitely. In these cases, you must wait out the full suspension period and request a hearing to seek reinstatement of your privileges.

Contact a San Antonio, TX Criminal Defense Attorney

The process of regaining your driving privileges after a DWI suspension requires thorough compliance. An experienced San Antonio, TX DWI defense lawyer can help maximize your chances of getting your license back legally and as soon as possible. Call Law Offices of Sam H. Lock at 210-226-0965 for a

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